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Lincoln Highway

Traveling back and forth between Colorado and Illinois for as many years as I have, it can we a welcome diversion to get off the Interstate and travel two-lane and back roads instead. Most of the time I’m in no particular hurry, allowing me to wander slowly through the mid-west’s matrix of gravel roads at low speeds, looking for anything of interest to cause me to stop.

Long-Term Review of the Nikon F6

What’s the F6’s real usable life span? Is it worth investing in? What are the weak points? What does the F6 still excel at? Does the completist in you constantly tug at your billfold causing you to wonder if you should you buy an F6?

Aerial Photography of Rocky Mountain National Park

A sea of dense, puffy clouds blanketed the Rockies this beautiful afernoon, with the occasional granite beheamoth poking its craggy head up through for a breath of crisp, high-altitude air. The Mountains seemed to wave hello to our little craft as we passed above, reminding me of humpback whales breaching in Alaska.

Nikon F6 + CLS (Creative Lighting System)

A key attribute contained in the Nikon F6 is the circuitry to run Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, or CLS. Though common among digital cameras – no other Nikon film SLR contains this ability. If you’re not using your F6 + CLS you’re missing out on one of the wonderful features setting the F6 apart.

Check Please…

10 years ago when I first put up the F6 Project I was re-invigorated with passion for film photography, the camera, and this new journey I had embarked on: stepping off the digital camera merry-go-round onto solid, analogue ground once again: film, and the film way....

Kodak Reveals How and When it’s Bringing Back Ektachrome

This is pretty exciting... (rather then re-hashing the same information, this post was lifted from DPReview) Kodak first announced the rebirth of Ektachrome way back in January at CES. Along with Kodak Alaris—who will distribute the 35mm Kodak Professional Ektachrome...

The Printmaker, Reprise

Not just for bright light and landscape photography, Ilford PanF Plus ISO50 film is capable of much more.

Praying for Our Park

When we came back over Trail Ridge after a pleasant day in the mountains and saw this Big Horn Ram on his knees licking water from moss on the tundra, it seemed especially apropos. “He looks like he’s praying,” my wife said. Through the orange haze caused by the looming fire it seemed fitting to ascribe Colorado’s official animal and sentinel of the high country with the responsibility of praying for the Park we all love and hold dear.

Old Growth

The Shop

Wood smoke, grease, charred wood, machine oil, steel, dried, cracked varnish, leather, copper, dead mice, fly traps and old stuff that’s been sitting in coffee cans for 50 years. Not just a visual cacophony, but an experience all your senses will never forget.

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