F6 Project

Nikon F6 Auto Focus

The Nikon F6 has many amazing features. There’s one that often gets overlooked, the autofocus. Perhaps this is because those who continue to shoot film tend to take photographs over which they have complete control, i.e., the ability to meticulously set-up the shot, and with a stationary subject.

River Music Hydro Exhibit @ Colorado State University

Recently I had the privilege of contributing to a unique and creative project called River Music, by David M. Merritt of Moonlight Studios. David is a hydrologist, and through the miracle of creativity and technology, used flow data from four separate rivers to...

500th Roll

As we set out on the path there are milestones of our own making. So when one of those milestones approaches, well... it's kind of a thing. Such was realized this past Christmas break as my 500th roll of film through the F6 approached. I wanted it to be something...

Cool F6 Selfies; Show em’ if you’ve got em’

Recently during a trip to Utah with my son Matthew, an aspiring candid portrait photographer himself, he made a frame of me working with my F6 that I actually liked - which for me is not a common occurrence. I began wondering if this whole 'selfie' craze may not be...

New Raymer

Sometimes things just work out.

Nikon Issues Recall of 152 F6’s

No, Nikon is not ceasing production of the F6. Rather, Nikon has issued a partial recall of 152 Nikon F6's manufactured or sold after July 22, 2019. For the time being, the recall only affects the following serial number'ed cameras: 16 years and still going strong,...

The Value of Unique Pictures? 

“Yes. To explain, allow me to exaggerate a bit. With a digital camera, the number of pictures you can take is infinite, in the sense that there is no limit in the number of shots to take, unlike shooting with film. You don’t have to hesitate when taking pictures. Just release the shutter, although later, you may find that you don’t want to keep the results.

Certainly, we experience this carefree ease when shooting with a digital camera.

Exactly. But, on the contrary, some photographers reject the prospect of such ease, as they desire a more careful, rigorous approach to taking pictures. They want to treasure each picture-taking opportunity by etching their vision on film.

So, with the F6, we made it our first priority to satisfy customers who want to apply a certain degree of respect to taking each great picture. To realize this, a camera that allows a user to take a good picture is not enough. There are many important factors involved, including comfort of use, functionality as a tool, shooting feel, etc. And we want to make the F6 the best camera in every aspect.”

500th Roll

500th Roll

As we set out on the path there are milestones of our own making. So when one of those milestones approaches, well... it's kind of a thing. Such was realized this past Christmas break as my 500th roll of film through the F6 approached. I wanted it...

The F6 Project is an attempt to hop off the relentless, speeding train of “technological progress” and take a step back.

Years from now, when the infatuation with megapixels has run its course and the film market has somehow managed to grow – despite all odds –  a film Renaissance will rumble through the pile of DSLR and mirrorless castaways in our land fills. People will scour the web in search of the answer to their question, ‘what happened to my love and joy of photography?”  Just maybe they’ll stumble across this web site, in what ever iteration it’s in – and find renewed inspiration to explore the world of film photography.

To you I extend a warm welcome, inviting you to explore the unique, wonderful and even romantic side of film photography as it once was, and could be again with this fine instrument. Welcome back.


The Nikon F6 35mm camera is the most technically advanced film camera ever made. Understanding what makes it special is the primary purpose of this section. So put your Tech on and dive in.


Possessing the most sophisticated 35mm film camera ever made is great and all, but what to create with it? This section is focused on inspiration.

Be prepared to be inspired by what others are creating with the Nikon F6.

If you’re shooting film these days, you’re probably interested in scanning too. Getting the film image into the computer isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things you may be interested in.

Howdy from Colorado, USA

You’ve landed on the mother-load of information about the greatest 35mm film camera ever made, the Nikon F6. As digital cameras progress to staggering levels of sophistication (and in many cases, cost), somehow – right along side – the use of film continues to rise, and even accelerate.

What’s New?

You’re lookin’ at it. The F6 Project 3.0 is here, back from the jaws of death. O.K., maybe a little melodramatic… but after 10+ years he’s still kickin’. I want to say a sincere thank you to a certain someone responsible for talking sense into me when I was thinking of throwing in the towel. You know who you are. Thank you.

Old Growth

One of the big changes for me creatively since the beginning of the F6 Project is developing my own black and white film again, . Ironic, I know, to have such a colorful image behind this topic. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? More about that here

Today’s photographer has more creative options to explore than any other time in history. What a great time to dive in, shoot film, learn to develop both color and black and white, then print old school in a darkroom – or – on one of the high-quality inkjet printers available.

Other Efforts:


Other Efforts:


Other Efforts :