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Aerial Photography of Rocky Mountain National Park

A sea of dense, puffy clouds blanketed the Rockies this beautiful afernoon, with the occasional granite beheamoth poking its craggy head up through for a breath of crisp, high-altitude air. The Mountains seemed to wave hello to our little craft as we passed above, reminding me of humpback whales breaching in Alaska.

Happy Fourth of July

In years past my eyes have been focused upward, searching the skies above for the real Fourth of July photograph. This year I chose instead to focus on what’s right in front of me.

Scanning with Nikon LS-5000 Time Machine

For the past few months I've been working on scanning/archiving slides for my family. It's a big job - many hundreds of a mixture of very old (late 1950's) to just sort of old - made in the last few decades. Several reoccurring thoughts travel my mind as I sit before...

New Raymer

Sometimes things just work out.

The 440

A few weeks ago I needed to get out - as in far away from the computer - in a big way. The weather wasn't good along the Front Range and checking the iPhone confirmed pretty much any place within easy driving distance was experiencing the same. It looked like the only...

Lincoln Highway

Traveling back and forth between Colorado and Illinois for as many years as I have, it can we a welcome diversion to get off the Interstate and travel two-lane and back roads instead. Most of the time I’m in no particular hurry, allowing me to wander slowly through the mid-west’s matrix of gravel roads at low speeds, looking for anything of interest to cause me to stop.

Pushing Ilford HP5+ to ISO1600 with the Nikon F6

Over Christmas we had the opportunity to visit Chicago again. Growing up in the suburbs I'd never had occasion to overnight in the city, with home being only 30 miles away. This trip we decided it was time we changed that. One of the wonderful things about...

When You’re Really Trying…

OK, so maybe I jumped the gun a little. Maybe I still do have something to say regarding the F6. Allow me to explain. Over the past several years I've enjoyed shooting with a variety of cameras, including all the Nikon single-digits F-series, as well as a few...

Old Growth

The Shop

Wood smoke, grease, charred wood, machine oil, steel, dried, cracked varnish, leather, copper, dead mice, fly traps and old stuff that’s been sitting in coffee cans for 50 years. Not just a visual cacophony, but an experience all your senses will never forget.

Other Efforts:


Other Efforts:


Other Efforts :