Words Fail

For those of you who have opened your billfolds and donated a little something to the F6 Project, there aren’t the words to express my gratitude. And please,  don’t mind the RZ I’m holding… it’s an old photo.

Really… thank you. 


I have to laugh every time I hit Starbucks. Somehow they’ve convinced us that dropping $5-$10 on a cup of coffee is perfectly acceptable. Don’t get me wrong… I love Starbucks. But when it comes time to pry open the pocket book for philanthropic efforts, do moths fly out? If so – it’s time to do a little soul searching. 

Seems like everyone has a Go Fund Me, or a charitable cause. Well, I suppose this is mine. But I’m never going to guilt or cajole people into giving. Just trust that those who have benefited from what’s been a labor of love for more than 10 years will see the value and respond accordingly. I’m not looking to turn a profit… only to keep this thing on-line and self sustaining.

Just so you know you’re not the only ones, here’s a list of other like-minded folks who have taken the step of helping fund the F6 Project. I want to publicly thank them while at the same time protect their privacy– so no last names.

  • Matt B.
  • Michael W.
  • Todd S.
  • Stephen V.
  • Don T.
  • Adam S.
  • Gilles G.

You guys get it, and I thank you sincerely.

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