Words Fail

For those of you who have opened your billfolds and donated a little something to the F6 Project, there aren’t the words to express my gratitude. And please,  don’t mind the RZ I’m holding… it’s an old photo my wife took years ago.

Really… thank you. 


I have to laugh every time I hit Starbucks. Somehow they’ve convinced us that dropping $5-$10 on a cup of coffee is perfectly acceptable. Don’t get me wrong… I love Starbucks. But when it comes time to pry open the billfold for philanthropic efforts, do moths fly out? If so – it’s time for a little soul searching. 

I’ll never guilt or shame others into giving, just trust that those who have benefited from what’s been a labor of love for more than 10 years will see the value and respond accordingly. I’m not looking to turn a profit… only to keep this little project on-line and self sustaining.

Just to you know you’re not the only ones, here is a list of other like-minded folks who have taken the step of helping keep the F6 Project self-sustaining. I wish to publicly thank you while at the same time project your privacy – so no last names.

 You guys get it, and I thank you sincerely.

Matthew C. (monthly)

Peter C. (monthly)

Todd S. (monthly)

Michael W. (monthly)

Steven V. (x2)

Don T.

Michael F.

Adam S.

Gilles G.

Terry T.

Matt B.

Richard F. 

Alan R.

John M.

10 + 7 =

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