Photography is a unique art form: half technical nuts and bolts, science, physics, etc. – the other half, the intangible X-factor causing you to raise your camera to your eye every so often… and release the shutter.

Possessing the most sophisticated 35mm film camera ever made is great, but what to create with it? This section is focused on inspiration. Be prepared to be inspired by what others are creating with the Nikon F6.

The Shop

The Shop

The Shop: a Master Mechanic’s home away from home and straight up man cave. The first time I saw The Shop I paused, not quite sure how to visually digest what was before me. There was part of me that smiled – wanting to dive in and go for it.

Check Please…

Check Please…

10 years ago when I first put up the F6 Project I was re-invigorated with passion for film photography, the camera, and this new journey I had embarked on: stepping off the digital camera merry-go-round onto solid, analogue ground once again: film, and the film way....

More Inspiring Articles to come…

Thanks for baring with us as we work to redesign this site. For now, you can use the menus across the top to find inspiring articles about the F6.

Calling all F6’ers…

It’s time for all of you like-minded photographers using the F6 to jump in and show the rest of us what you’ve got. Drop us an e-mail at the link below and tell us a little about what you do with your F6.

Black and White Film

 We’re especially interested in anyone doing creative black and white developing and darkroom printing.

King of the Hill – Still

As of today (September 25, 2019), the Nikon F6 remains king of the 35mm SLR hill. For anyone exploring potentially purchasing one, you’ve come to the right place.


- John B. Crane, Curator, The F6 Project


Fort Collins, CO • USA

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