F6 Project

The F6 Project is a attempt to hop off the relentless, speeding train of “technological progress” (always apparently late for something) and take a step back.

Years from now, when the infatuation with megapixels has run its course and the film market has somehow managed to grow – despite all odds – and a film Renaissance rumbles through the pile of DSLR and mirrorless castaways in our land fills, people will scour the web in search of the answer to their question, ‘what happened to my love and joy of photography?,” and just maybe come across this site.

To those people I extend a warm welcome, inviting them to explore the unique, wonderful and even romantic side of photography as it once was, and could be again with this fine instrument.

Welcome back.

Check Please…

Check Please…

10 years ago when I first put up the F6 Project I was re-invigorated with passion for film photography, the camera, and this new journey I had embarked on: stepping off the digital camera merry-go-round onto solid, analogue ground once again: film, and the film way....

Arches National Park, January 2020 – part I

If you want to see Canyonlands minus the crowds, try visiting in January. This past Winter jaunt to Moab, Utah was without question one of the most uniquely beautiful visits I’ve experienced in 30+ years.

South St. Vrain River, Allenspark, Colorado

Why do we need to say something - anything - about our images? A few weeks ago I was in Chicago looking at a display of student work at Moody Bible Institute. There were two different exhibitions: one with very nice photographs, printed on canvas and beautifully...

The Shop

The Shop: a Master Mechanic’s home away from home and straight up man cave. The first time I saw The Shop I paused, not quite sure how to visually digest what was before me. There was part of me that smiled – wanting to dive in and go for it.

The Printmaker, Reprise

Not just for bright light and landscape photography, Ilford PanF Plus ISO50 film is capable of much more.

The Printmaker

Do something different. Shoot film using Nikon’s Creative Lighting System and challenge yourself to make unique, creative photographs. Having a tool like the F6 that is able to respond to virtually any photographic situation is a true blessing.

Clouds, Mountains, Snow and Ilford PanF50 Plus

Not long ago I decided to spend some focused time shooting Ilford's PanF 50 Plus. In an effort to minimize variables the decision was made to focus on 35mm using the trusted and favored F6. The F6's venerable meter virtually eliminates exposure error, and I really...

Pushing Ilford HP5+ to ISO1600 with the Nikon F6

Over Christmas we had the opportunity to visit Chicago again. Growing up in the suburbs I'd never had occasion to overnight in the city, with home being only 30 miles away. This trip we decided it was time we changed that. One of the wonderful things about...

Night Vision (sort of); or Custom Setting B5 (Extended Shutter Speeds)

Out of the box the F6 is set to display possible shutter speeds from 1/8,000 of a second to 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the camera has the customary "bulb" setting, allowing you to trip the shutter manually (with something like the MC-30 cable release) for as...

Nikon F6 + CLS (Creative Lighting System)

One of the key attributes of the F6 is the circuitry contained to run the Nikon Creative Lighting System, or CLS. While common among digital cameras, no other Nikon film SLR contains this ability. If you’re not using your F6 + CLS you’re missing out on one of the wonderful features that make the F6 unique.

Road Trip: Valley of the Gods National Monument, Utah

Good by ol’ desert rat, Ya half crazy wild cat. You knew where it was at, what life’s all about. Ya saver of catalogs, King of the prairie dogs, success is survival and you toughed it out, You toughed it out.


The Nikon F6 35mm camera is the most technically advanced film camera ever made. Understanding what makes it special is the primary purpose of this section. So put your Tech on and dive in.


Possessing the most sophisticated 35mm film camera ever made is great and all, but what to create with it? This section is focused on inspiration.

Be prepared to be inspired by what others are creating with the Nikon F6.

Howdy from Colorado, USA

You’ve landed on the mother-load of information about the greatest 35mm film camera ever made, the Nikon F6. As digital cameras progress to staggering levels of sophistication (and in many cases, cost), somehow – right along side – the use of film has continued on the rise, and even accelerated.

What’s New?

You’re lookin’ at it. The F6 Project 3.0 is here, back from the jaws of death. O.K., maybe a little melodramatic… but after 10+ years he’s still kickin’. I want to say a hearty ‘thank you’ to a certain someone responsible from talking sense into me when I was thinking of throwing in the towel. You know who you are. Thank you.

Old Growth

One of the big changes for me creatively since the beginning of the F6 Project is developing my own black and white film again, . Ironic, I know, to have such a colorful image behind this topic. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? More about that here

Today’s photographer has more creative options to explore than any other time in history. What a great time to dive in, shoot film, learn to develop both color and black and white, then print old school in a darkroom – or – on one of the high-quality inkjet printers available.

Still King of the Hill.

As of today (January 1, 2020), the Nikon F6 remains king of the 35mm SLR hill. For anyone exploring purchasing, you’ve come to the right place.


- John B. Crane, Curator, The F6 Project

Other Efforts