Film Processing Labs

Film Processing Labs:
One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is where do you still get your films processed? I’m one of those guys who’d rather be out shooting than messing around in a dark room, so as long as professional labs exist, I’m more than happy to do my part in ensuring their existence. Of course – processing film yourself is getting easier and easier – especially black and white film. If you’re interested primarily in black and white, I’d consider learning how to develop yourself. Start up is rather easy and inexpensive. You don’t need a darkroom – just a dark bag (think of a black T-shirt with a zippered bottom to keep the light out. Put your arms in the arm sleeves and work on  your film, then take the whole thing out when finished. Easy. For color, I still send my film out. I tried color at home but couldn’t get the temperature regulated well enough for consistent results. So my E6 and C41 always goes to the lab.

Denver Digital Imaging Center/The Slide Printer

Contact information: 145 West Alameda Avenue Denver, CO 80223
tel: (303) 698-2962

“The Slideprinter has set the standard in making prints from transparencies. Our new division, Denver DigitalImaging Center, continues this reputation as we set the pace for the film to digital migration of professional photography. We are still the experts at making beautiful prints from slides and now, digital files.” Their “in by 9am, out by 1pm” service can’t be beat at $8.50 for a roll of 36 exposure E-6 processing. Denver Digital Imaging Center has been developing film for 40 years. They also process other format films like 120, 220, 4 x5, 8 x 10, etc. Give the folks at Denver Digital Imaging Center a call. They’re great folks.

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