Whoa… what the heck, huh? I hope everyone’s doing alright. And by alright I mean virus-free, staying healthy and managing all the newly imposed ‘should’s and shouldnt’s.” We’re not used to this. I’m not used to this. I want to be out roaming. I sure had enough of that a couple weeks ago. I wrote about it in Blue Hour Journal. But now the whole Social Distancing, isolation, and ‘stay at home’ thing is a thing. If we can get ahead of it and modify behavior, hopefully we’ll be alright. Tonight on the local news they said it already seems to be showing promising signs – but we have a long way to go.

frame 13 – Social Distancing, Colorado Style. Gould, Colorado.

Honestly, both my wife and I are introverts – so this social distancing thing isn’t too much of a stretch for us. In fact, there are times I find it relaxing to be how I naturally am anyway, without the guilt. When I’m told to stay home and isolate, well, say no more… music to my ears. Until I start going nuts because I want to be outside.

Boy, that sounds kinda glib… how about some photos?

frame 10 – Nokhu Crags and Mount Mahler, Never Summer Range, Colorado. It’s still very much winter in the mountains.

Yesterday I got out for a little ‘social distancing’ of my own, heading to my favorite place to get lost, North Park, Colorado. Really to get out of the house more than anything else – but Spring weather rolling in was pretty dramatic and it turned out to be a beautiful day. And in case you’re wondering – I did keep my distance from everyone else – emerging from the car only long enough to snap a few frames, then duck back in.

frame 18 – Social Distancing, Colorado Style. North Park, Colorado.
frame 35 – Big Horn Sheep, Cache la Poudre Canyon, Colorado. Every time I travel Cache la Poudre canyon I hope to see bighorn sheep. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to see them, and have the right lens and film ready.

Though things here in Colorado are beginning to green up down low, the High Country is still firmly locked in Winter’s grip. A healthy snow pack means fewer water restrictions later in the year.

frame 05 – Joe Wright Reservoir Parking, Poudre Canyon, Colorado

Here’s to later in the year…

frame 28 – Park Range and Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge, North Park, Colorado

Look, these are difficult times, to be sure. But they’re here – unquestionably the event of the decade thus far. We’re all affected by it and nothing will change in the short term. So the way I see it, why not turn it into a ‘glass half full’ thing? Being such a unique life event – what can we each do to turn the dreadful circumstances into something positive? Years from now we’ll look back on this event and site it as turning point. So what will change in your life?

Your humble editor at Portillo’s in Chicago, March 10, 2020. Photo by @MatthewCrane.

I’d love to hear from anyone around the world. How are you marking your newly found time? How are you processing this? Documenting it? Photographing it? Enduring it? I’d love to hear. Drop me a line.

From my home to yours, please be smart, stay healthy and safe.

North Park, Colorado is a great place to practice Social Distancing. Took the F6 for a spin Sunday to see what we could see. Using the vintage 80-200 ƒ4,5 pre-AI, converted to AI I was reminded how glorious it is to be able to use virtually all Nikkor lenses on the F6 – with the modification. The MS-40 battery caddy is tucked in my pocket, kept nice and warm on a cold, Colorado day. The Nikon FB-11A has all my vintage AI-S lenses and a few extra bodies, just in case.

P.S. Something I’ve noticed lately about the F6 is how sensitive it is to cold weather. This shows up in the battery level read out on the LCD. In colder weather it’ll often drop one tic even with fresh batteries. I’ve made it a habit slipping the MS-40 battery caddy in my pocket to keep it warm. It’s easy to re-insert quickly when time to shoot and keeps the F6’s sensitive electronics happy.