Recently during a trip to Utah with my son Matthew, an aspiring candid portrait photographer himself, he made a frame of me working with my F6 that I actually liked – which for me is not a common occurrence. I began wondering if this whole ‘selfie’ craze may not be quite as vain as initially thought, opening the door to new thinking. Old growth, if you will. Above: shooting my 500th roll of film through the F6 in Canyonlands, Utah over Christmas break, 2020. Photo by Matthew Crane

Karl G. with his F6, Maryland, U.S.A.

Shortly afterwards a fellow F6 shooter in Maryland sent a selfie of himself shooting his F6, and an idea was born. I wonder who else out there has and loves their F6 enough to provide a favorite pic of themselves working with the camera? I for one would love to see it.

Todd S., Pennsylvania, USA
Tony A., Selfie, velvia 50, Espoo, Finland
Rikard P. Malmö, Sweden

So here’s the invitation: please send a photo of you using your F6 and I’ll add it to this blog post. If you’ll also provide where you are in the world, it’ll be a great way to continue building connections through the F6 Project, and dispel the notion (should you ever have it) that you’re the only one crazy enough to actually shoot film these days – with the best 35mm film camera ever made – in this already insane Covid world everyone’s in at the moment.

Let’s have some fun with this folks. Don’t be shy… show everyone what you do with your F6 (and please, let’s keep it family-friendly)!